Please use this page for information on how to host a TCHA horse show. Any person, group or club can host a TCHA horse show. Hosting a show takes a lot of planning and a group of dedicated people, but is a wonderful, fun and rewarding experience! Below you will find a list of jobs that need to be filled and rules. If you still cannot find an answer you are looking for, please never hesitate to ask!


Fees are subject to change

  • Sanctioned fee $100. Must be paid by April 1st. $125.00 after April 1st.
  • Clubs or groups pay for their own judge, judges hotel and lunch
  • Ribbons
  • Fair board fees


  • Judges must carry a judges card and will need to be approved by the April meeting by the TCHA board. The judge should be presented to the board at a meeting prior to April
  • Remember your club will be responsible for paying for the judge, their hotel room and lunch 


  • Ribbons must be purchased for Saturday and Sunday classes 1st-6th place. Ribbons should not be less than a double flat.
  • Remember to have a 1st place ribbon or equal prizes for speed and performance lead-liners. All lead liners get 1st place!


  • The group or club is responsible for having the arena watered and dragged for speed events on Saturday and Performance on Sunday.

Tractor Drivers:

  • All drivers must be approved by the fair board by March
  • Drivers must be 18 years of age
  • Tractor drivers are needed Saturday and Sunday
  • The tractor driver would also drag during runs for the speed show


  • It is your group or clubs responsibility to hire your announcer for both Saturday and Sunday
  • A responsible adult needs to operate the speed equipment, timer and any equipment in the announcers booth

Equipment Set Up:

  • Equipment needs to be set up by the group or club on both Saturday and Sunday
  • Ask your judge prior to the performance show which jumping and trail pattern they choose to be better prepared


  • Registration should be open at 8:00am CST
  • All TCHA shows should start at 9:00am CST
  • Your group/club will need to provide Purina numbers for non members which can be purchased from Rays Feed Mill
  • Include safety pins
  • All registration forms which are provided by TCHA should be set outside with pens
  • A minimum of two people is needed
  • You will provide your own petty cash (Approximately $200)
  • An original coggins needs to be checked and a copy to be left with your club/group. The copy should be kept for one year.
  • Out of state horses need an original health certificate
  • On Sunday all patterns should be posted on the outside of the registration building as soon as they become available
  • The $2.00 office fee goes to TCHA
  • After the show, judges cards and placing sheets should go to the Points Secretary.


  • Your group/club will be responsible to set up the timer, score board, poles, barrels etc.
  • Your tractor driver will clean up the arena in-between age groups. The arena should be watered and dragged before 8:00am
  • A responsible adult needs to run the speed equipment, timer and any equipment in the announcers booth

Helpers are needed as follows:

  • Tractor Driver  *Must be 18 and on the fair boards list of approved drivers
  • Gate person  *Must be 18
  • Ribbons
  • Equipment Set Up
  • Announcer
  • Person to water arena


  • Patterns should be posted outside of registration by 8:30am.
  • Arenas should be watered and dragged before 8:00am. This can also be done the night before after arena is cleared

Helpers needed are as follows:

  • Announcer
  • Ring Steward- *Some judges bring their own. Consider having two people to alternate
  • Gate Person – Must be 18
  • Ribbons
  • People needed to set up jumps and trail
  • Equipment set up

Food Booth:

  • Your group and club is generally responsible for running the food booth or hiring a vendor. However, in recent years the Fair Board has been operating the food booth.


  • Your group/club should be sure all manure is picked up after the show. Have your announcer give reminders for entries to clean up around their trailers before they leave.


  • Groups and clubs must attend at least one TCHA meeting before your show
  • Groups and clubs must attend the TCHA work bee that is typically held the Thursday before each show. At this work bee you will learn to use the watering system, tractor, timers etc.

Hints, Tips and Tricks:

  • Set up jumps the night before
  • Move trail equipment to outside of outdoor closer to where it will go
  • Use pickup truck Saturday night to move the bridge
  • Purina numbers can be purchased at Rays Feed Mill
  • Familiarize yourself with the rules, especially for registration
  • The more meetings you attend, the more you are in the loop and the easier it is to host a show. It’s also an excellent place to ask questions and learn.
  • Ask questions to someone who has hosted a TCHA show
  • Have a lot of helpers!
  • Click the link below to find a judge: